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Taking a challenge makes sense when you are willing to fulfill and able to.

If you have assigned yourself a hard task and you can’t do that under your imagination, then that task or habit you want to form is not going to occur.

Giving yourself more confident and achievable task is better than those are hard for yourself.

E.g, if you want to read books 1h/day even if you are not read a single page in a day.

Rather than give your self-challenge to read 10 minutes a day then you are going to gradually increase according to your capability.

Exactly 32day back I suddenly with curiosity around my mind🙄 I decided to create 30 videos in 30 days.

Challenge/goal/task/habit is more achievable when you plan, try new things, and failed, and proper structure of workflow.

I planned every Tiny detail I can put in the way that when I will see the workflow I don’t have to think or put pressure on my brain.

Rather than a challenge, I want to make that a habit.

As I make the decision then I have to plan content for the 30 days.

So go to excel create a file and start searching for contents for 30 days.

Then I structure the entire workflow;

Each section have also their planning and structure.

Each day I record in the morning then edit, publish and at the night, plan for the next day.

When I was want to make daily videos in the past I always lack, procrastinate, and demotivated to do.

Doing the challenge I myself realize that I can do things but I failed because of planning and execution.

The planning part is very crucial that creates yourself feeling to do the work.

As 80–20 rule the 20% of things lead towards 80% of the things to do.

The planning part is like that but If you don’t execute your planning then “planning is worthless.”

Every day creating a video is hard in the process I lack in all aspects whether it’s edit, record or script.

In 30 days I lack 5 days when I am not want to create a video and start procrastinating.

Even I make a video about also that how my procrastination days are going.

But, still! I make videos every single day.

Finally, I completed that challenge and making a video about it. I am so grateful for myself to not give myself the burden that I can’t create daily videos rather than take the challenge and did it.

You can accomplish your goals by giving yourself the challenge to take action.

But wait I want to tell you the cons part what I feel in that period

When you create daily videos then you always think about creating videos that are good but the bad part is you will not get enough time to explore new ideas.

It’s sometimes overwhelming and too much pressure to work on projects on daily basis.

So I decided to create 3 videos/week and also focus on other things like writing articles.

The technical aspect of this;

YouTube started recognized
The podcast is growing and gets 200 plays in 30 days
Because of this, I started posting on Twitter.
Quora group is more visible and visitors.

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