Bruce Nussbaum at #PRODUCTIZED16

Bruce Nussbaum — Masterclass and Keynote at #PRODUCTIZED16

Bruce Nussbaum is currently a Mentor-In-Residence at NEW INC, the world’s first art-tech incubator, helping young “art-entrepreneurs” bring their creations to market. He is a Professor of Innovation and Design at Parsons School of Design and former Assistant Managing Editor for BusinessWeek in charge of design and innovation. Bruce Nussbaum is founder of the Innovation & Design online channel, NussbaumOnDesign blog, and IN: Inside Innovation, a quarterly innovation magazine. He blogs at Fast Company and Medium. He started BusinessWeek’s coverage of the annual Industrial Design Excellence Awards and The World’s Most Innovative Companies annual survey. His latest book, Creative Intelligence, is printed in Mandarin, Korean and English. Member of the Council of Foreign Relations, he taught third-grade science in the Philippines as a Peace Corps Volunteer.

Nussbaum will be speaking at Productized Conference 2016 both leading a Masterclass on the 19th of October, and also giving a keynote on the 21st October.

To learn more about what Product Thinking is, watch the interview below. This interview takes us to the birth of Product Thinking, and gives us an introduction to what Product Thinking is. Learn from one of the best minds in Product Thinking as he explains how you can design the user experience and define the path that they take through the product by using your Creative Intelligence.

Video Credit: YourStoryTV

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