From selling flip-flops in Germany till sending shoes into Space!

How product management evolved in Zalando?

Here is a little flashback from last year's Productized Conference 2016. Diogo Rendeiro is talking about Zalando, the German e-commerce company, recently making 3 billions in revenue in 8 years time frame. What can we learn from 8 years of product management in 11 minutes?

Diogo gives a description of product management evolution from “pioneers” through “settlers”, all the way to the “town sellers”. What did they have to go through in Zalando since they started selling flip-flops in Germany to be capable of sending their shoes into Space?

How to liberate ourseleves and have time for product planning and user research? How to manage the structure of company in order to have time for questions like “What to build next?”, “Why we are building it?” and for mapping it into the company's overall goals? How to put product management into driver's seat? All the answers are in the video bellow:

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