by Jamin Hegeman at #PRODUCTIZED16

The power of design to shape human experience and transform services, organizations, and communities is what Jamin Hegeman fundamentally believes in.

He is an expert in service design and customer experience. He also supports and mentors designers to develop their craft, while helping businesses articulate service strategy and define transformative service experiences that benefit customers, employees, and the business.

Hegeman’s previous roles include designing a mobile service for HIV positive teenagers, building and designing university websites, editing technical documentation, and writing news articles about the US nuclear weapons complex as a Washington, D.C.-based journalist.

Watch the keynote given by Hegeman at MX 2011 on the subject “ Why Service Design isn’t User Experience Design”.

Hegeman enlightens his audience using relatable examples to demonstrate why service design is crucial, and what it looks like when service design is not used.

This short insight into the differences between service and UX design gives you a taste of what is to come at the Productized Conference 2016. In this keynote we learn what service design is, how it differs to UX Design and why it is so important in terms of product development as a whole.

Watch the full keynote below!

Jamin Hegeman Keynote at MX 2011

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