Make it clear by Sandra Fischer Martins

Make it clear by Sandra Fischer Martins

Making your message clear to your customers is undeniably a crucial part of your business. Sandra Fisher-Martins has been an advocate for plain language for many years now, and introduced it to Portugal through her company “Claro”, a training and consultancy firm that aims to help Portuguese companies and Government agencies communicate clearly with their respective audiences.

Highlight your key messages: 1) What you want your customers to remember? 2) What is your main message?

In her keynote talk @sandrafishermartins on the third and final day of the Productized Conference 2016, Sandra spoke about how to improve your users experience through clear content. The keynote related how the user experience of a product or service can be decidedly positive or negative based on the language that the user sees.

Sandra’s talk sketched by

Couldn’t attend? Check out the slides to Sandra’s keynote below!

About Sandra Fisher Martins

Sandra Fisher-Martins runs Claro, a training and consultancy firm that introduced plain language in Portugal.

Sandra runs Claro, a training and consultancy firm that introduced plain language in Portugal and has been helping Portuguese companies and government agencies communicate clearly since 2007. Sandra is particularly interested in the use of plain language and information design in public documents as a way of helping citizens make informed choices about their health, education, welfare, and civil rights. Her talk at TEDxOporto 2011 has been featured at

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