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Need some product inspiration? Check out these great speakers

From Idea To Launch: The Product Development Journey by Alex Mitchell

An in-depth exploration of the challenges, learnings, and successes of bringing Vistaprint’s latest Website Builder, code-named “Tower”, from idea to prototype to launch by Alex Mitchell.

Harnessing the Power to Create, Connect, and Inspire by Bruce Nussbaum

In his keynote at Productized Conference 16, Bruce Nussbaum argues we live in a world of VUCA — Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. The pace of change, the rate of change and the kind of change in our personal and business lives is a once-in-a-century event. The key question facing all of us is this: How do we find Opportunity in a world of VUCA and transform that into Products, Services and Engagements with consumers that generate value for our businesses and for ourselves?

Join up tools for better products by Alex Crowfoot

Productized Conference was thrilled to have Alex Crowfoot returning to us for our second year to give his keynote on “Joined up tools for better products”. Alex is Head of Product and Service Discovery at ustwo, a digital product studio. Alex took the audience through the cohesive tools that ustwo uses, from how they were created and why they were created to how they are used and the outcomes which using them has.

Make it clear by Sandra Fischer Martins

Making your message clear to your customers is undeniably a crucial part of your business. Sandra Fisher-Martins has been an advocate for plain language for many years now, and introduced it to Portugal through her company “Claro”, a training and consultancy firm that aims to help Portuguese companies and Government agencies communicate clearly with their respective audiences.

“4 Rules to Manage Design Teams” by Pierre Yves Panis

Pierre Yves Panis holds more than two decades of experience in design, and over 15 years working in creating and reinforcing large design teams. His keynote on the third and final day of the Productized Conference 2016 was on “Different ways to manage global design teams.

Ideas Don’t Sell Themselves by Michael Margolis

How to Build Your Narrative for Disruptive Innovation. People don’t buy your product, they buy the story attached to it. So where exactly do you start? How do you capture the imagination? What creates empathy and relevance? Especially when your product is disruptive, world-changing, or challenges the status quo.

“Building insanely great products” by David Fradin

Based on the 200 page book “Building Insanely Great Products: Some Products Fail, Many Succeed…This is their Story”, David’s presentation cover the Six Keys of Product Success: Strategy, Process, Information, Customers, Employees, and Systems.

“Insights: 25 Years Productizing” by Kai Halsinger

Kai Halsinger has vast and varied experience in a number of positions in the industry. From Global Product Management Consultant currently at Wacom Americas to Creative Director at companies such as Ziba Design and INDUSTRY, he has undeniable insight to multiple facets of the industry.

About Productized Masterclasses

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