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Gadi and Rachel at the Q&A

Last night we had our second Productized Talks with Talkdesk as part of our #PRODUCTIZED16 Roadshow. And…it was AWESOME!!

We have to say an HUGE THANK YOU to our incredible speakers Rachel Wolan and Gadi Shamia. WOW!

For those who weren’t there (you missed out big time!) they gave the most insightful talks into the origins of Talkdesk, where it began to where it is now.It was gripping to hear about how what is now one of Portugal’s MOST SUCCESSFUL start ups began, from their little basement to now being on the 15th Floor of the Amoreiras Tower, looking over the whole of Lisbon.

Thank you to the Talkdesk Portugal too for hosting us! The location was something to behold and every member of our team as well as all the attendees were most definitely in awe!


Join us on the next stage of our #ProductizedTalks ROADSHOW, on Thursday 29th October at Uniplaces for a presentation from both Uniplaces and With Company— it is not to be missed!

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