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Collection of useful PM resources for you!

I was writing an email with useful PM resources to a friend and then I realized I’ve been doing that quite often, so I decided to write a blog post about it and update it whenever I discover new sources of information.

Here is my favorite collection of Product Management resources, which includes podcasts, books, Twitter accounts, blogs, Facebook and LinkedIn groups, and forums. I’d love to hear your thoughts about this list and also if you would share your tips!


I need to confess that it took me some time to get used to listening to podcasts, and now I’m really addicted. I’ve made it part of my weekly routine, and I totally recommend that you do too!

This is Product Management

Product Hunt


I absolutely love the Product School and General Assembly events. I always try to go to them in person. They also have webinars, and you can check their Facebook page for videos of some events. Definitely worth checking out!

Product School Events

General Assembly events

Facebook Groups:

I don’t use Facebook that much, although I check these two Facebook groups quite often. They’re definitely my favorites, especially the Product School group!

Product School Group

HH Product Management


I love the books of these two folks, and without a blink of an eye, I recommend that you follow them on Twitter!

Eric Ries (author of The Lean Startup book)

Jack Bavaro (author of Cracking the PM interview book)


I read a lot of blog articles per week (I usually reshare the articles I like in my LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google Plus). These two are my favorites for now!

Product Talk

Product Management Insider


Slack works the same way as the Facebook groups, but I feel they share more content in Slack. It’s always good to check what they’re discussing, the references, open positions, and book references.

Product Manager HQ

Mindy the product

LinkedIn Groups:

LinkedIn groups work like the Facebook groups and Slack with the difference of being able to check everyone’s professional profiles right away. You should definitely participate in their discussions. Show your face there!

The Accidental Product Manager

Product Managers Community

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