My favorite Slack integrations for you!

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For those who worked or talked with me about tools for team collaboration, you know how I love Slack. I’m 100% sure that if I had Slack 10 years ago when I started my career, my life would be so much easier — and funnier with more GIFs. ❤

I made a compilation of my favorite Slack integrations. I added to my list the apps I use now and also the apps I used in past projects, which helped me to keep track and achieve the goals I wanted in these projects.

My list is divided by Essentials, Project & Product Management, Design, Coding, Handy apps I like and Fun stuff. I hope you have a lot of fun checking it and also recommend me more Slack integration apps!

1 — Essentials

I can’t live without these integrations! Especially if you work with remote teams, it’s a must to have Google Drive/Dropbox/Box, Hangouts, and of course my favorite, Google Calendar for meetings and time blocking.

Google Drive


Google Calendar


Project, Program & Product Management

Part of my essential list, too. I don’t know how my life was before Trello + Slack. Recently SmartSheet developed an integration with Slack, definitely worth it to check this out! For those who use Asana and Jira, I totally recommend these integrations!







Although I worked as a Designer at the beginning of my career, I’m not a Designer anymore, but I’m always curious about the Design tools we can use now in the workplace. I’m always researching and testing new apps. I really like the Ideakeep app where you can discuss and also vote for ideas. MURAL is an app for collaboration too, you can create a white board to facilitate discussions and idea visualization. How amazing is this?




GitHub + BitBucket on Slack, how handy is this? You can subscribe to repositories in Slack, and continue the conversation with your team there. Cool, huh!?



Fun stuff

We should have fun while working, obviously. How about having a coffee buddy every week? An animated library of GIFs is also part of the essentials to me, you need to have it! Disco is also one of my favorite apps, you can celebrate the end of a project in Slack with your team!




Useful apps

How about optimizing your life? For those who don’t know, IFTTT is a service that allows you to connect apps using a conditional statement: if this then do that. For example, you can set: “Remind the team to submit their expenses before the end of the month” in Slack. There’s the Away Plus, where you can set your status as away automatically. Vacation boot, how essential is that? Nothing like an automatic friendly reminder that you’re OOTO. You can also make surveys and polls in Slack using Polly!


Away Plus

Vacation Boot


I hope you have a lot of fun checking it! You can also recommend me Slack integrations, I’ll love to test it!

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