I will present at Product School Chicago on April 18th, 2018

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The best way to transition into a Product Management role is to start doing the job in your current role at your current company

As an early employee at a few successful Chicago startups, Ernesto will explain his experience of taking advantage of the many hands-on opportunities to grow into product management. Attend this event if you would like to learn, in detail, of how someone “hacked their way” into product management within their current organization.

Main takeaways:

- Learn how to identify key opportunities in which you can exercise product management in your current role
- Learn techniques of providing extra help in your organization while building key relationships
- Learn time management techniques and tools utilized while growing into product management in your current role

Ernesto Rodriguez is a former Product Manager at OutcomeHealth & early employee at Redbox and Groupon. Through his natural passion of self researching the latest innovations in consumer technologies, years of experience in customer service support roles while consistently tinkering with his personal devices, Ernesto organically grew a skill-set that naturally blended well with the characteristics of a Product Manager. He successfully transitioned from a background of IT support into product management over the last 5 years.

Please note:
- Tickets sales at the door are from 6:00–6:30 PM (if any are still available)
- For additional info or questions, send an email to events@productschool.com
- For last minute questions, send a text to: (872) 241–1325