VR … can it be a thing?

Interesting enough I have moments in which VR really intrigues me. However there are other times in which I’m very disappointed in the lack of functional software that doesn’t have a gimmicky approach to it. It sometimes feels like a fad.

When I notice those gimmicky moments I start leaning more to the AR side of things.

If only AR could be projected to a lens or glasses.

That would be the best of both worlds and a great compromise.

Until then, I think VR is on a slow path to minimal growth by the looks of its current state.

Can it avoid the flop of the Xbox Kinect? Only time will tell. I’m curious to know what Gen-Z will gravitate towards in 5–8 years. Zuckerberg is taking major bets on some great innovation potential here and I personally really want to see it manifest into great product experiences in both VR and AR.

Millennials may not embrace it as much at the moment but Gen-Z may be all-in soon.

Imagine virtual ivy league classrooms at a fraction of the cost? Or enough external sensors to make use of for a virtual exam room consultation? I’d love to product manage that VR exam room experience of the future!

In the meantime I’ll keep a pulse on the latest innovations with this emoji expression: 🤔