30 Days of Product Management Genius with George Goodman | The Pathway from Intern to Associate Product Manager to Full Product Manager

“What’s your long-term career goal?” the CEO asked.

“I don’t have a long-term goal, yet.” I was answering a question in the final interview for a Product position. “But I have one for the short-term: become a Product Manager.”

“Okay. We’ll see,” he replied, ending the interview. Three days later, I landed the job. I was going to facilitate a product powered by cutting-edge technology that I barely knew. Besides being in over my head with the technology, I didn’t even know what I was supposed to do as a Product Manager!

I didn’t know how to achieve my goal: I didn’t just want to survive as a Product Manager, I wanted to thrive! I was nervous, but my desire to learn helped me focus on my next steps. I hired a researcher to provide me with all the information and online tutorials I needed to learn about Product Management, and I acquired a list of thought leaders in this domain.

A week later, I was like a piranha swimming in the ocean of knowledge. Tapping into all the genius of those who came before me, soaking up all of their combined wisdom, I quickly learned as much as I could and applied this to my new job. Senior Management was amazed by my acumen and Product Management skills.

George Goodman is a Product Management genius who contributed to my PM success.

The Pathway from Intern to Associate Product Manager to Full Product Manager

Two days after I interviewed Alex Mitchell, the Director of Product at Upside Travel, for one of the 30 pre-recorded sessions at Product Manager Summit. I recieved the following email:

Hey Aero,

I’d like to introduce you to one of my former colleagues (Vistaprint Digital), George Goodman.

I believe that George would be a very strong speaker at your Summit on the topic of Problem Space Exploration. Although George has been working in the Product field for a couple less years than me, I’ve learned an incredible amount from him in this area.

His creative background helps him see problems from many different perspectives and he’s very skilled in mapping the potential solution space before diving in (something I often struggle with!)

I’ll let you both take it from here, but please let me know if you need anything else.

Alex Mitchell

Credit to Alex. I discovered a goldmine, not only in terms of Problem Space Exploration, but also the the pathway from start to excel on the Product Manager job.

Goodman had switched from video production into product management, and made it all the way up from intern to associate product manager and then full product manager.

In other words, his experience in climbing the product ladder is the lesson you and I can model.

Are you a Product Manager? Are you hungry for practical and actionable PM knowledge you can apply on your job?

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In his expert session, he shares The Career Transition Story: How to Land a Product Manager Job within a Company and Self-Learn the Essential Skillsets.

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