Being a Mentor is not what you think

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You don’t need to be an expert to be a mentor — you just need to be giving. Pay it forward and show them how it’s done! — as we state on PBW. ;)

Mentoring is having a seat with the barber and asking them what you should have as a haircut today. No judgment, no hype, no bias.

Mentoring is going trekking and realizing you chose the wrong path when a boy with braces says there’s a shortcut on the left.

A big turnaround in a cutest way.

Mentoring is thinking you’re too old for this sh* and a girl cuts you off to say you lightened her day.

Mentoring is waiting for the bus when a stranger passes by and says you’re looking gorgeous with those avocado socks.

No shame, no intimacy, smile.

Mentoring is calling mom when you forgot the recipe and remind you had already stored all ingredients you needed!

Mentoring is going fishing with a suspicious fish hook and getting back home with enough food for lunch.

Mentoring is calling you dumb when you cannot find your watch that was in front of your desk for so long. Not a surprise sometimes!

Mentoring is working out with a personal trainer and he says he’s not able to do that exercise properly — but you are!

Cohesiveness and mindful words, no embarrassment.

Mentoring can vary and have different faces.

Don’t you ever think it is going to be the same, it may be like therapy, playing poker or surfing. Waves will never be the same in the sea. And from everything I heard as feedback, these stand out to me — because make us think we’re the ones choosing our battles every day, and the smarter we could be the better:

  • Ability to empathize
  • Be responsible and considerate
  • Encouragement to make you take over the world
  • And again, encourage in ways that you didn’t even know

An individual affirms that they exist because the other exists — Ubuntu Philosophy

Collectivity is a primordial condition and there’s no way t hide from it! Think of how the word Ubuntu, of Bantu origin, can show you this easily.

You’re not an expert in everything — Indeed. Although the way you assess some info will dictate how strategic to the challenge you are. I am not an expert in back-end development, how can I help this girl transition to Product? Hacking helps — find the gray areas and synergies between mobile development and product management, and these can make a person land their career transition soon.

Mentoring is having the time you chose to be — for free or not, no side conversations or notifications on Slack are welcome. Be on it to the fullest, your mentee is accountable to drive this relationship and you’re responsible to make this flow too.

In December, I won my first Googie Awards (the best, the brightest, the quirkiest employees — on behalf of Google) and I reached my 1000 minutes mark on People still ask me why I side-hustle every week.

For some reason, the community is saying you’re worthy, embrace it. Therefore we can wrap up this year having two main lessons:

  • You have no idea of your potential
  • The same potential tells so much about your life purpose too.

Start with what you don’t wanna be and where you don’t wanna be as guiding convos. Do it today.

Text by Rhaissa V.
1/2 Nomad, 1/2 attached to Earth. Keeps hacking bias every day. Been reading about mental health, product strategy, and community building. Also partners with Products by Women and Code Like a Girl.



Since its inception in 2019, Products by Women has strived to create an inclusive community that offers women to connect and learn from peers from around the world, get matched with recruiters, and network with mentors to accelerate their career.

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