Featuring 10 AAPI Women in Product To Follow

This Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we want to recognize, celebrate and highlight Women in Product that are advancing technology through groundbreaking inventions, mentorship, and community collaboration.

1. SHYVEE SHI — Product Leader @ LinkedIn, Mentor & Leadership Coach

2. LISA HUANG-NORTH — Product Leader @ Microsoft, Startup Advisor & Entrepreneur

3. UPASNA GAUTAM — Product Manager @ CNN, Public Speaking Coach, Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher

4. ANUKRATI PACHAURI — Senior Product Manager @ Squarespace

5. SHRINEDHI RAJAN — Product Manager @ Amazon & Chapter Lead @ ProductsbyWomen

6. RASHMI KETHA — Product Manager @ Verizon, Mentor, Advisor & Content Creator

7. RATIKA GANDHI — Senior Program Manager @ MongoDB & SF Chapter Lead @ NYC Fintech Women

8. AFRINA M — Product Manager @ Google

9. CINDY JOUNG — Product Inclusion @ Snap, Program Director & Mentor

10. KAREN KIM — Product Manager @ Mozilla

Have other AAPI Women in product you would like to nomiate? Drop them in the comments below or fill out this short form here — we will be back with a part two soon!

Have a story to tell? We are all ears! Email us at — info@productsbywomen.com! Products by Women is a global diverse community-led network for women in tech and business!




Since its inception in 2019, Products by Women has strived to create an inclusive community that offers women to connect and learn from peers from around the world, get matched with recruiters, and network with mentors to accelerate their career.

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