Music Artists Makes an Average of $67 in 30 min During LiveRoom’s Beta Launch

By Ramona Arora

LiveRoom Media, a professional live streaming and networking platform for the music industry launched last weekend during the Future Tech Festival, 2-day online music, and tech conference.

LiveRoom Media is a professional networking and live streaming platform for the music industry aiming to empower music artists globally to achieve their goals thanks to a supportive music industry network. Two-thirds of creatives lost their gigs as a result of the pandemic, which also showed that there is a lack of a supportive online community for music professionals due to the absence of targeted sites and too much clutter on social media. LiveRoom addresses the monetization and professional networking challenges within the music industry. You can think of us as a perfect mix of Twitch and LinkedIn for music professionals. LiveRoom is proud to bring together members of the music industry. The concept of LiveRoom is based on live, interactive, and immersive virtual rooms, allowing music artists to create their own world in virtual spaces. This is more than a live streaming and networking platform for artists — it’s a way to create your brand, network with music professionals, learn, monetize your work, connect through live sessions, and get noticed. LiveRoom is proud to showcase, inspire achievements, and amplify narratives of thousands of music professionals across the world!

LiveRoom is a result of an entirely remote 5-month-short collaboration between 4 Co-Founders: Gabriela Naumnik (CEO), Klementyna Bohdanowicz (CRO/CMO), Konrad Krawczyk (CTO), and Sara Bruszt (CDO), all of whom met during their undergraduate years at NYU in New York and Shanghai, and all of whom reside in different countries. The founders who are passionate about the music industry noticed the pressing monetization challenge in April 2020 when their singer/songwriter friends started losing all music gigs. Soon after, the founders interviewed more than 60 published artists to understand that in addition to the monetization challenges, the industry lacks a supportive online community for music professionals. This is how the idea of LiveRoom, a professional live streaming and networking platform for the music industry allowing music artists to achieve their goals thanks to a supportive community, was born. LiveRoom Media was selected from 140 startups to join Columbia Startup Lab as a resident venture on September 9, 2020, and on Oct 2, 2020, was selected as one of 10 finalists to participate in The Greater Good Challenge Business Pitch Competition organized by Columbia University to compete for a $20,000 prize. LiveRoom launched its platform on Sept 26, 2020, during Future Tech Festival, during which, each LiveRoom music artist made, on average, $67 for a 30 min performance. You can check out the LiveRoom Beta Demo Sept 30, 2020 to learn more.

How does the platform work?

LiveRoom gives the artists an opportunity to build their fanbase, monetize their work, get noticed, connect, and make it easier for music fans and other industry people to upskill, find mentors, network, and support their favorite artists. LiveRoom values quality and this is why each performer needs to apply to be able to perform live. After being approved, each music artist can start building their fanbase, monetize their performances by setting specific financial goals and get noticed. 90% of each contribution goes directly to an artist. LiveRoom will soon be introducing subscriptions, which will help create a safety net for all the performers, all of whom will be receiving monthly payouts in addition to contributions for being and performing on the platform. We’re currently working on incorporating more immersive audio-visual solutions into LiveRoom as well. LiveRoom aims to become a new form of experiencing entertainment and connecting in the music industry in the digital age.

How is LiveRoom different?

LiveRoom is a highly targeted and specialized platform for the music industry, which means that only published artists can perform on LiveRoom. LiveRoom is transparent about the breakdown of payments, provides artists with technical support and training to ensure the highest quality of performances, and aims to become a safety net for published musicians by providing them with monthly payments in addition to contributions in the long-term. LiveRoom will soon be providing professional networking capabilities within the music industry and will make it easier for users to discover new people to work with, upskill, find mentors, and collaborate. Ultimately, LiveRoom aims to become a go-to immersive platform for the music industry where musicians can grow professionally and where the audiences can enjoy multisensory experiences across multiple realities.

Proudest moment so far?

Our proudest moment was our beta launch on Sept 26, 2020, during which each performer made, on average, $67 in 30 min. The number of contributions exceeded our expectations and made us even more excited about building new capabilities into the platform. The comment section was overflowing with LiveRoom’s signature purple hearts and both the artists and audiences felt a deep sense of connection. We received excellent feedback and look forward to continuously improving the LiveRoom experience!

LiveRoom recently launched on ProductHunt as well, where you can watch a demo video of our product, and show love by upvoting us for which we thank you in advance!

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