Nalgene OTF Water Bottle

I bought 3 of these Nalgene On-The-Fly Water Bottles about a year ago and they are one of the things that I use every single day.

These bottles are thin and still hold a lot (650 mL). They fit nicely in the side pouch of my backpack and are easy to grip due to a slot Nalgene has put down the side of the bottle.

The cap is really nice as well, a metal latch and plastic snap lock the lid down. The spout has a good lip on it and unlike their huskier siblings , you don’t spill water all over your face.

Fun fact: The lid from the On The Fly bottle fits on these bottles too

These things are also super cheap! At 10 bucks, I would say these are very underpriced for the quality that you get. Nalgene always makes quality products, and this bottle is no exception.

Some nice things about having a bunch of water bottles:

  • Leaving them in the fridge keeps ’em cold & handy at all times
  • Easy to know how many I need each day so I drink enough water
  • Having a bunch makes sure you always have one available to use

Personally I leave two at home and have one at work. I feel much better when I drink a lot of water and these help me to remember.