Tribord Snorkelling Mask

Have you ever gone snorkelling, dove deep and felt like your eyes were going to pop out of your head due to the pressure?

The view

Despite looking like Darth Vader with an Orange Q-Tip on your head this mask is awesome. It gives you a full 270° view of the water, a real improvement over small foggy lenses covered in salt residue.

Since you don’t have goggles applying a bunch of pressure to your face, there are no marks left on your skin from wearing this for extended periods of time.

The snorkel

As you can see the snorkel is built right into the mask. This makes breathing very natural and you don’t have to fiddle with a long tube strapped to the side of your face.

There is splash protection built right into the snorkel so that you don’t get a mouthful of salt water from oncoming waves.

The orange tip on the snorkel (as goofy as it looks) is also a good safety measure as it stands out in the water so other people can see you checkin’ out the fish.

The price

Material and build quality on this mask is really good. I did a bunch of research into these types of masks and Tribord makes a top of the line product.

The straps tighten firmly, and feel robust. The plastic, and rubber used on the mask are high quality. I have brought this on three trips now, and the salt water doesn’t seem to have affected the mask at all.

Overall I would highly recommend this mask, especially if you have previously experienced a lot of discomfort with traditional goggles and snorkels.

You can buy it from Amazon for about 60 bucks.