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Product School Year in Review: 2019

Product School saw some awesome things in 2019. Thousands of you joined us for training, events, livestreams, book launches, new certifications, awards, and our best conferences ever! Let’s take a look at 2019 in numbers:

  • We helped more aspiring Product Managers than ever before break into Product!
  • They were taught by instructors from +50 of the top tech companies including Google, Amazon, Airbnb, Adobe, Spotify, and Twitch!
  • Unsurprisingly, they left us over 818 reviews on platforms like Yelp, Google and SwitchUp, bringing our total average to a fantastic 4.8/5
Product School review
  • We streamlined our course content to mimic a typical Product Management career path, which can be adapted to different levels of experience. Students can begin with the fundamental Product Management Certificate, and then continue to complete the Full Stack Product Management Certificate and Product Leadership Certificate.
  • We have 20 campuses in the biggest metropolises around the world like San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Amsterdam, Mexico DF, and more. We also teach our cohorts live, online so it doesn’t matter where you are!
1,299 events hosted around the world
  • 165,857 Product enthusiasts signed up to attend or livestream our events
  • Our 267 local community organizers hosted 20 speakers weekly
  • 5 ProductCons took place in London, San Francisco, Seattle, New York, LA and 28,000+ RSVPs
  • We launched pre-conference workshops, now you can learn from our star speakers in an intimate setting
  • 5,000 product professionals tuned into our first Virtual Product Summit — register for 2020 here
Product School event
  • Our Facebook (75k+), LinkedIn (40k+) and Slack (50k+) groups are the largest and most active Product Management communities on the internet!
  • We published 393 new videos on YouTube with a total of 109,100 hours watched and 739,700 video views. And we now have 31,200 subscribers
  • We published 284 blog posts drawing on the wisdom of Product Leaders at Google, Airbnb, and more!
  • We hosted 53 AMAs on Slack and Reddit and subjected our Product leader guests to over 12,368 questions and answers!
  • We hosted 100 podcasts featuring Product Leaders at leading tech companies. We also launched a special new season, interviewing 8 brilliant product minds. You all liked it so much, you spent 4 million minutes listening to it!
  • To jog your memory of the events, we uploaded 400 slide decks to Slideshare! It’s gonna take you a while to catch up but you can always join one of your local Product events.
Social media channels
128,086 people downloaded our new books
  • ‘Ship It’, ‘Product Mindset’ and ‘Product Phases’ became smash hits on Product Hunt, becoming the top upvoted products!
  • 84,570 people downloaded The Product Book to become great Product Managers
  • 37,445 people downloaded ‘Ship It: Silicon Valley Product Managers Reveal All’ and we even launched a second edition!
  • We launched a new online Glossary with 80 Product Management terms, making it easier than ever to understand all those pesky acronyms and confusing methodologies
  • We brought you The Interview Checklist to make the interview process less stressful and help awesome product people land their dream jobs
  • A survey to analyze what The Future of Product Management will look like was launched and received over 1,000 responses. Keep an eye out for the full free report, coming to you in January 2020
Book covers
55 product leaders and companies won at the proddys!
  • The inaugural Proddys Awards was a hit with over 350 nominations across 35 categories!
  • 6,000 votes were cast to help our nominees’ dreams come true
  • Congratulations to the makers of the 35 products that won in their category and the top 20 Product People of the Year!
22 deploys made by our engineering team
  • Our genius software team worked extra hard to make our online home even better. They brought us a new page for all of our free resources, redesigned our new certifications page, and created a new space just for our podcast
  • We now have team members from 30 nationalities who speak a total of 20 languages!
ice skating team photo
  • We spent approximately $1,000,000 on morning coffees, afternoon snacks, and happy hour beers (not really, the real number is far too painful to think about!)
  • We all got together on 52 all-hands meeting
  • 3 babies were born into the Product School family…and many secret bets placed on who would be next!
Christmas Jumper team photo

A Note from the CEO

Carlos CEO Product School

“Every year since Product School began in 2014, our students and global community continue to amaze me. To see it grow from just myself and two others sharing a small desk in San Francisco, to the incredible numbers above is mind blowing!

We couldn’t have done it without you. Student, event attendee, podcast listener, book reader, Product lover…whoever you are. Your enthusiasm drives us and our community forward. Thank you for helping us build something so wonderful, and for continuing to grow with us. Let’s make 2020 even better!”
- Carlos Gonazález de Villaumbrosia

I’m Carlos González, CEO at Product School, and I enjoy sharing weekly tips for Product leaders!

Are you interested in Product Management? Check out our certifications here.
Looking for a good read? Because we’ve launched “Ship It” as a free resource.

This article was also published on The Product Management Blog.



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Carlos G de Villaumbrosia

Carlos G de Villaumbrosia

CEO at Product School — Global leader in product management training