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The Thing about A/B tests — To Learn or To Ship?

There is no such thing as good or bad idea. In the beginning, there are simply ideas.

Questions from viewers:

What do you typically do when there are no definitive results from your test?

How do you overcome the challenge of explaining a product that’s not yet built?

You mentioned that for A/B testing you should really have thousands of users. Do you have any recommendations for Product Managers with 10 to 30 enterprise clients as opposed to thousands of consumers?

What are your thoughts about using session replay tools when doing A/B testing?

How do you prioritize features that should go in an A/B test? I understand it’s mostly about prioritizing and not related to A/B test but what feature types have you found that have worked for an A/B test?

Can you share your advice or insights for those that are aspiring Product Managers and want to break into the field?



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