The Product Un(censored) Show #1

When I decided to start Product Un(censored), the goal was to create a platform from where the stories of products and its leaders focused on South East Asia (SEA) could be told. The first step was to create written content, and I’ve been very encouraged by the support and feedback received.

Today I’m excited to write about the next step of the journey: The Product Un(censored) Show! This will be the avenue in which I interview the shakers and movers of product in SEA and share it with you. Hopefully as part of this journey, we will discover together the hidden gems in the leaders and let them shine!

While assessing the best medium (all pun intended), I was persuaded through my own research and talking to peers that there were 2 platforms that would be critical to share: Video and Audio. All our shows will be shared in video format via YouTube while audio format will be shared on multiple podcast platforms.

Product Un(censored) is fully self funded — do consider supporting this passion project for the price of a coffee!

The first episode is out, and it was an honour that Ridzwan Aminuddin agreed to be the first guest on the show. We cover his product journey from Singapore to South Korea, from Ninjavan to Coupang, from his personal story to his advice to young upcoming product managers in the region.

For those who prefer the visual experience, check out the YouTube video:

If you’re always on the move and prefer to listen while commuting to and from work, check out the podcasts below (more podcast listening options can be found here:

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