The Product Un(censored) Show in 2021

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As I reflect on the year that was 2021, The Product Un(censored) Show was definitely a big part of it. You can read the genesis here where I tried to articulate the vision and mission of Product Un(censored), and I’m happy to say that more than 1.5 years on, this endeavour continues bring me joy and I hope that it has been interesting for you too.

To end the year, I thought it would be good to share some interesting nuggets about the show with everyone, so here goes:

Most Popular in 2021:

PODCAST: The most popular podcast episode in 2021 was with Sherif Mansour, Distinguished Product Manager at Atlassian. Sherif was my first guest who was based in Australia, and in this episode we took the time to dive into being individual contributor product leader.

VODCAST: The most popular YouTube episode in 2021 was with Vivek Kumar, VP of Product at PropertyGuru Group. We deep dived about managing infrequent products (which he calls the ICED Theory and was subsequently published in Reforge)

Most Popular of all time:

PODCAST: This accolade belonged to Yi-Wei Ang, Chief Product Officer at Talabat in 2020, but in 2021 the mantle changed hands to Christine Sou, Group Product Manager at Wise. From learning the product ropes at Sony, to building a product for the Hong Kong to leading APAC with Wise, her story is definitely one to check out.

VODCAST: For the 2nd year running, the most popular YouTube episode goes to Silvia Thom, CTO at Zalora Group. She was the first female product leader on the show and her journey from Senior Product Manager to Senior Director Product Management to CTO at Zalora is nothing short of remarkable alongside her commitment to raising female product leaders within the SEA region.

Viewers and Listeners:

In terms of the audience, while majority of viewers and listeners came from Malaysia and Singapore, it was interesting to note that there is a sizeable audience from India and also the United States.

Narrowing down to the podcast audience, majority of listeners use Spotify (50%) as their main platform of choice and iPhones being the device of choice to listen (34%)

Looking at YouTube, like most youtube channels, the majority of viewers are non-subscribers :(

The Product Un(censored) Show was, is and continues to be a passion project of mine and I am thankful for everyone who has supported this show, especially those who have given me constructive feedback on how to improve and also what they liked about the show.

I also wanted to give a huge shoutout to various individuals who supported this show by donating via Thank you so much. It truly means a lot that you believe the content is worth paying for. For those who didn’t or can’t, don’t worry, this is 100% voluntary.

Do enjoy the holidays and I look forward to sharing the stories of more Product Leaders in SEA and beyond in 2022!

Oh, Spotify did a Wrapped for the podcast in 2021 which I thought was really cool (it came out before my recording for Daniel Walters’ episode, so boo) so go ahead and check it out!

Product Un(censored) is fully self funded — do consider supporting my passion project for the price of a coffee!

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