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🙊 Stop giving feedback / PM Snacks #50

1️⃣ Confessions of a former Feature Factory PM
Sept 2019 • 10 min read • #execution #discovery
Any article starting with “Forgive me Marty Cagan, for I have sinned.” deserves to be featured in this newsletter 😅 On top of finding good titles, the author does a great job explaining how to reconcile OKRs that measure business outcomes, with opportunity trees and a matching operational framework to experiment. Cool read!

2️⃣ The Feedback Fallacy
Mar 2019 • 18 min read • #leadership
Here’s a thought provoking piece on feedback and how we can actually do better to help our teams. When a teammate does something, you would most probably react by advising them on how to do it better next time. But the author argues that by doing so, we entertain 3 (wrong) beliefs:
- you would be better than your colleague at spotting their weaknesses
- they are not doing it “your way” because they don’t know better
- good performances tend to be universal and transferrable, despite who you are

What if… instead we looked for outcomes & excellence? Whenever someone does something great, highlight it. The person can internalise what they did right and other people can be inspired.

3️⃣ Fewer options can create more optionality
Oct 2021 • 4 min read • #design
Basecamp’s writing never disappoints on how to simplify a problem to its core and provide the easiest solutions. Here is a good reminder of how simpler solutions actually provide more optionality/versatility. If it were up to you, how would you design an email autoresponder feature?

4️⃣ Part 1: The Internet is having a Kodak moment
Jul 2021 • 20 min read • #web3 #history
Part 1 of this series is a walk down memory lane of the different versions of the web, from DARPA to the most recent web 3 speculations. It’s a good introduction to why everything is going to change. Next week I’ll share part 2. If you can’t wait, here is the link.

I’m Olivier Courtois, product maker for 10y+, currently building my startup (uKu), sometimes product coach & Startup advisor. Former VP Product comet & Product Director ManoMano.

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Olivier Courtois

Olivier Courtois

10y+ in Product, now freelance / coach / advisor • Newsletter at • ex- VP-Product comet & Product Director ManoMano

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