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Find New Clients with Kipo AI

At Produvia, we develop custom artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions for our clients. We use AI to solve some of the biggest problems in the world and to scratch our own itch.

As an AI agency, our biggest pain is finding new clients. Research by HubSpot confirms that connecting with prospects is a major pain point for agencies.


It’s time to build an AI solution to help us answer the question: “how do we find new clients?” Let’s consider how we can combine various technologies to build Kipo AI — a virtual networking assistant.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

A machine learning model can predict the probabilities of successful connections based on my location, degree of connection (2nd, 3rd+), company, title, industry, profile language, etc. Going further, AI can predict the likelihood of a response or probability of a signed proposal or contract.


LinkedIn provides a rich datasource of company-friendly data. While they do not have an API for easy access of data, Diffbot does (read more below).

Diffbot’s Knowledge Graph

Consider using Diffbot’s Knowledge Graph, accessible by Diffbot’s API, which allows to target people based on any search criteria. Knowledge Graph aggregates multiple sources, including LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. The Knowledge Graph provides fact-checking, cross-referencing, up-to-date information, a dataset of 1 billion people and 0.5 million companies. Their competitive advantage is extending company data to include key leaders and any funding rounds. Access to Knowledge Graph requires Plus ($899 USD / month) or Pro ($3,999 USD / month) Diffbot plans.


Seamless allows users to perform people search, social search, contact search, and web search. In other words, Seamless.ai allows you to define a search criteria similar to Diffbot’s Knowledge Graph. Their goal is to “organize the world’s contacts and make them universally accessible and useful” (Seamless, 2018). Their Unlimited plan costs $125 USD per month.

The best part is that Seamless.ai is working on integrating a public API.

Any plans to add API support for users of Seamless.ai?
— Slava at Produvia

Hi Slava, we are making this very soon! Will update you soon
— Mike at Seamless.ai


LimeLeads is an alternative solution which costs $95 USD for 500 contacts or $1,000 USD for 10,000 contacts.

Unfortunately, no API for LimeLeads.


HeadReach is another alternative that features three plans: $29/month (100 contacts), $49/month (250 contacts) to $89/month (500 contacts).

Does HeadReach have an API?

At the moment, we don’t provide an API and we don’t have an ETA for an API (HeadReach, 2017)

Unfortunately, no API for HeadReach.

Introducing Kipo AI

We are building a new artificial intelligence agent called Kipo which will be used to identify networking opportunities and solve the question of “how do I find new clients?”

Every morning, you will receive a message which allows you to:

  1. see recommendations of people;
  2. leverage your social media networks on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram;
  3. look up the contact information (email, phone number, social media profiles);
  4. show recommendation for connections based on my location, degree of connection (2nd or 3rd+), company, title, industry, and profile language.

We are still in development, but if you are interested in helping us launch earlier, send us an email.


Thanks to Cam Sweeney for providing me feedback on the idea and the blog post.

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