Users Set the Price in Professional Activity Tokens That They Feel Fairly Compensates Them for Sharing Their Data

Profede’s protocol aims to make sure that professionals are fairly compensated for sharing their data with requesting parties. Profede is creating a blockchain-based marketplace of professionals so that professionals can always feel protected, fairly compensated and that each transaction is transparent.

Jun 22, 2018 · 5 min read

“While professional behavior and data is worth billions to businesses users are not making a profit even though they are the ones who are creating the data. It’s time for professionals to get fairly compensated and rewarded for the time and energy spent on online platforms.” — Juan Imaz, Founder and CEO of Profede

The information added by professionals to the online platforms and social networks is very valuable to companies looking for candidates and for professionals with whom to engage in new business opportunities with. Professionals who make their private data -including their contact details- available to companies interested in hiring them will be rewarded on Profede’s protocol. Rewards will come in the form of tokens, called Professional Activity TOken (PATO), and it will be both professionals and businesses who have control of this currency. In addition to functioning as a reward system to unblock professionals’ private data, PATOs can be exchanged for other services offered by various organizations using the protocol, such as recruitment services for companies, data analysis services and many others.

These PATO tokens will make it easier for the recruiting and social selling markets to shift from being in the main social networks and job portals possession to being in the hands of professionals and businesses themselves.

The party that wishes to make the contact is the party that pays

At Profede, the party interested in contacting another party to recruit, to sell socially or for a businesses collaboration purposes is the one who pays in tokens for each contact. This token-based compensation to the contacted party depends on the professional value (skills and feedback rating) of each professional and always consists of a predetermined price previously fixed by the professional themself.

Professionals choose how much they want to set as a price to be compensated for being contacted and businesses decide whether or not it is worthwhile. By users deciding the price that they feel fairly compensated means that if they set a very high price they will only look at opportunities which might be of high interest to them as companies willing to pay such a high price would likely have something of high interest. Users who are more willingly to look at all opportunities presented to them can set a lower price. Users have complete control of being able to manage and allocate the price that they feel fairly compensated.

It is the professional that decides their price

Profede gives the power back to the professionals allowing them to decide the price that has to be paid in order to get their contact info. Thanks to this, a professional can be sure they only receive worthwhile opportunities.

In addition, on top of this predetermined price, 2% of the professional’s price is taken as commission for use of service to Profede to fund the development of the protocol. Also there is a response fee of 10% to motivate the professional’s authorized apps to reply and release the professional’s contact info. The formula to calculate the total cost is:

Total_Price =Professional_Price +Apps_Fee +Profede_Fee =1.12 * Professional_Price

For example, to contact a professional with a price of 20 PATO, the business has to pay 22.4 PATO.

Profede empowers professionals and removes unnecessary ‘middlemen’

The Profede Professional Protocol allows direct Professional-to-Business and Professional-to-Professional interactions, without the need for intermediaries. Nowadays, professionals have completely lost control of their data. Users sign up to free online services, while giving complete access to those companies over the data that they provide. Furthermore, the current system is not good for businesses either because they make investments without being sure of having a return on investment. The current model makes it almost impossible to gain access to highly qualified professionals and on top of that, the success rate is rather low.

On Profede’s Platform we give the power back to the user. Professionals control their profile, decide who has access to their data and are paid each time businesses or other professionals use their data for any purpose. Thanks to blockchain, we are creating a decentralized protocol that allows professionals to easily store and manage their profiles, which are accessible by third parties.

With blockchain, professionals will be able to easily move their profiles and data through the networks partaking in this protocol, in a private and safe manner. At the same time, businesses and other professionals will have access to the profiles of the professionals, with a guarantee of their legitimacy and certification of their feedback rating, since all the content will be documented.

Profede Professional Protocol will allow businesses to make appropriate payments for a professional’s data regardless of the platform in which that person’s information is located. Intermediaries are eliminated and interactions are facilitated by the network itself. Instead of paying any intermediaries, businesses automatically make customized offers directly to professionals based on their feedback rating and profiles through a decentralized application.

The 12 million beBee users will be used as rocket fuel to drive widespread adoption of the protocol and make Profede a market kingmaker. In addition Profede has signed various partnerships with companies such as Skyllz, TMP Worldwide, Talenthon and Emmares to ensure widespread adoption and collaboration with other platforms.

Its token will gain immediate adoption by beBee’s professionals thanks to its vast network and will create a complete cryptocurrency economy within the network. Profede will gain immediate adoption and scale.

Profede has also signed an agreement with Switchain, who search exchanges to get the best rates for consumers for utility tokens and digital assets. Not only does Switchain scour the market but it does not require creating an account, depositing any funds or providing private personal information to ensure the safety and speed of transactions made. Profede’s PATO will be listed on Switchain so that users will be able to trade between PATO and ETH, without the need for an an account, deposit or information as with the other transactions on Switchain.

Profede wants the future to be one where professionals get fairly compensated for the time and effort that they spend online sharing personal and professional data. Users should be able to get compensated for each time that they share data with requesting parties, deciding the price that they are willing to share their data for and which parts of their data they are willing to share. Professionals also should feel that each transaction is transparent, secure and private, which is why Profede’s blockchain-based technology enables a future where data transparency will be a reality as well as rewarding users in Professional Activity Tokens.

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