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A non-traditional approach to the timeless cover letter.

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This is my semi-professional introduction.

I’ll start by spilling a few relevant details: I earned my Bachelor’s of Art in Creative Writing & Secondary Education from the University of Texas at El Paso in 2012.

Since then, I’ve leveraged my academic training in pedagogy & narrative form into unique skills sets that, when coupled with my professional excursions, have allowed me to storehouse tremendous creative and technical assets.

You’re reading this because you’re curious if I can contribute to—perhaps even enhance—your projects with those very assets.

Don’t be shy. Please read on.

My recent experiences in brief.

I was the lead copywriter on a brand building team for a multi-level marketing firm (yikes!) called SOZO/Renew. In this jack-of-all trades, master-of-many role I led the development of the brand’s messaging, marketing materials & social media assets.

My thumb-print was on all creative and copy related deliverables, from video scripts, email campaigns, & communication strategies, to brochures, investor letters, and press releases.

I’ve chosen an online portfolio in blog form to showcase the versatile modes of my storytelling and spin. To wit:
“Most good copywriters . . . fall into two categories. Poets. And killers. Poets see an ad as an end. Killers as a means to an end.’ If you are both killer and poet, you get rich.”
 — David Ogilvy

But let’s be real for a moment.

The stuffy formalism of bygone eras is wandering around like a headless monster searching desperately for a place to die. Clients and companies alike are subject to the compulsions of the internet age, and with that comes the responsibility to provide readers, users and followers with powerful, thoughtful and—above all—human-centric messaging.

User experience is at a premium, and that applies just as much to design as it does to content. Online marketers, social media virtuosos, and daring start-ups can ill-afford the “baffle ‘em with bullshit” approach.

It doesn’t work.

My greatest asset for any project you want to create is an honest return to best practices:

On-board me, and I’ll help you bedazzle your audience with brilliance, and graceful content architecture.

Welp, that’s my story.

Thanks for wading through this experiment in form. You can find my online resume and browse through samples of my work on my Medium publication, Professional Excursions:

Online Resume
Social Media Assets 
Writing Samples

512–985–8282 |
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