Social Media Assets.

Put an overwrought writer in a 20x10 office surrounded by awesome 
graphic designers & what do you get?

A beautiful new brand & tons of social media marketing materials. And spin. So much spin.

⬆ Conceived by Nick Rodriguez | Designed by Heather Harbour (H. H.)

Call me favored by Bacchus: I was surrounded by fabulous workmates who were absolutely in love with what they were doing. We made wicked awesome stuff.

Unfortunately, I was the word guy. Fortunately, my thumb-print was on almost everything since I led the development of our brand’s messaging, social media presence & various marketing materials.

Copywriters do a helluva lot more than just write.

We pluck trembling fibers from the abstract mind and assign sonics to the formless.

That is, my forte is to provide creative direction/feedback throughout a project’s developmental lifecycle while constructing attractive content architecture. That being said, I was only as good as my team (read: useless without them). So, please keep an eye out for the design credits beneath each image.

Did you catch the one beneath the blog’s header?

That’s called teamwork, man.

⬆ Conceived by Nick Rodriguez | Designed by Jamo Gonzalez (J. G.)

Keep scrolling.

Below you’ll find several social media shareables (intended for cross-platform distribution between Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram) built either around my copy or spawned from my direction.

Knowing your audience is quintessential to content creation: the following shareables are a sampling of the many I helped write and design for the thousands of independent representatives our brand serviced.

Design: H. H.

⬆︎ These shareables were intended to be positive and empowering. I think, fundamentally, they are. ⬇︎

Design: H. H.
Design: H. H.

The Great Pyramid of Giza wasn’t built in a day—likewise, sometimes there’s no way to sidestep MLM-speak:

Design: H. H.

But, hey! There are times when you can make way for legitimate insights. Also, let’s hear it for citing your sources! ⬇︎

Design: J. G.

The copy below could’ve been much more saccharine:

Design: H. H.
Design: H.H.

⬆︎ Yes, we really hosted AMAs, and they were actually a lot of fun. Please don’t judge me. ⬇︎

Design: H.H.

Halfways through my tenure as the marketing team’s community coordinator, the brand transitioned from SOZO to Renew. Our representatives didn’t take kindly to the sudden shift, but I tried my best to make the social media side of it as painless as possible.⬇︎

Design: H. H.

A few holiday themed shareables (in no particular order).

Design: J. G.

⬅︎ These shareables are not representative of sophisticated copy. However, they are the products of my creative direction. Throughout my dual role as the marketing team’s copywriter/community coordinator, I had the opportunity to spearhead almost all of the brand’s social media initiatives.

Multilevel marketing is a stigmatized industry, so my main focus as SOZO/Renew’s “voice” was to push the brand’s messaging away from the greasy, money-grubbing tone typically associated with network marketing and toward a much more human sound, one commiserate with our distributors’ collective desire for a sense of community, and a welcoming online presence.

Thus: holiday themed shareables.

Design: H. H.
Design: J. G.

Okay, not really a holiday. I just love the way this came out. ⬆︎

Design: H. H.
Design: H. H.

A bit of research was required for Earth Day. No harm done. ⬇︎

Design: H. H.

Likewise for St. Patty’s. ⬇︎

Design: H. H.
Design: H. H.

Our independent representatives were 1099-ers. #IRSHoliday.

Design: H. H.
Design: H. H. (She’s wearing the salmon colored dress!)

The accompanying copy for this Facebook post was:

Where — oh, where — would we be without the powerful, brilliant and amazing women in our lives? We celebrate them today and every day. Send a shout out to the wonderful women in your life below!

⬅︎ These women were the undisputed stanchions of the entire corporation.

Giant infographic to follow.

SOZO/Renew hosts weekly conference calls to keep their distributor base abreast of updates, developments and important announcements from the corporate office.

One of my duties was to transcribe the content for each call, and use the transcription as an almanac for the brand’s communications to the field.

Laborious as it was, this process guaranteed consistency both in our lighthearted outreach efforts, and in our serious business relations with top performing leaders, and high-rolling investors.

The infographic below is one of the finest and most intelligent end products to result from the quick-paced, sometimes erratic roundtable conference calls. Simple in its explanations, and by no means over-designed, I’m very proud of this particular piece of work.

Design: J. G.

I wouldn’t blame you if you’re more impressed with my colleagues’ visuals.

If that’s the case, hop on over to their websites. (Do it now before you can’t afford them!)

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If I’ve piqued your interest, please review my writing samples.

Or do both. At this point it doesn’t matter: you made it to the end of my blog post.

Feeling pretty smug about that. Thanks.