The Student’s Guide to Hybrid Learning

This guide provides students with information about what to expect from an online or hybrid learning experience and how to best plan and prepare.

The Student’s Guide to Hybrid Learning

Tips for Making the Most out of Your Hybrid Learning Experience

1. Know Your Supplies

Remote learning still requires traditional back-to-school supplies like paper, pens, notebooks, folders, and highlighters. You’re also going to need a camera, chargers, a mouse and mouse pad, and maybe a keyboard or stylus if you’re using a tablet.

2. Organize Your Document Files

When you learn remotely in a hybrid learning model, you will end up with a large number of documents for your courses. It can be easy to forget which paper was for what class, so create a naming process that helps you keep them separated.

3. Eliminate Distractions

Since you are going to be doing some of your coursework on your own, you’ll need a study space to focus on your schoolwork. If possible, make it a place that is separate from your bedroom. Now more than ever you need a space strictly for school, away from distractions. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a desk, if working at the kitchen table where snacks are on hand works better for you, then do that. Give yourself some time to figure out where you can be most productive.

4. Create a Schedule

Flexibility is one of the perks of hybrid learning, but it can quickly turn into a drawback if you don’t schedule out your time. Create a schedule that incorporates the classes that you need to watch live or attend in-person, then set aside time in that schedule for homework. Once you have a schedule, print it off and hang it where you can see it to keep yourself on track each day.

5. Communicate with others

Make an effort to get to know people in your classes, perhaps meeting for study sessions or coffee. Having a name and phone number for a classmate also means you can get answers to your questions about an assignment when needed.

6. Time Management

Time management is just as important to hybrid classes as it is with courses that are taught 100% online. You will need to set aside at least an equivalent amount of time to your face-to-face sessions to complete the online components in order to keep up and be prepared.

7. Stay organized

Things happen. Websites glitch, electricity goes out, WiFi gets finicky, and laptops malfunction. If you stay organized and get your work done ahead of time, it will be less stressful.



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