Im Too Young for this.

Zoë Pekins
Oct 1, 2017 · 4 min read

I honestly barely have any career trajectory at all besides the internship I had this summer. I even had to google what a career trajectory was, and when I figured out what it was I realized that I have even more to learn about career paths than I thought. While thinking about if I even had a career trajectory I found out that in some way I actually do even if it may be minute it was intriguing so see that I actually do. So, during the search I thought back to how in my internship I was opened to another side of social media and it gave me an extra push to definitely find a career path within social media and the marketing side that I found most interesting. In Lindsey Pollak’s book, Getting from College to Career, she emphasizes how important it is to become an industry expert in your field because you want to be able to speak the same language and reference points as someone you may work with. As well as you do not want to look like a buffoon trying to talk about a topic with a coworker.

Providing pros and cons of a career path or trajectory is not an easy task to do as a sophomore in college and is even harder for those who do not think about it. “What do you really want to do”(Pollak, 49)? A easy question to ask, but an even harder one to answer. All my life I thought I knew what I wanted to do but the dreams of becoming an astronaut soon were broken once I realized how much math and training I would have to do. Those dreams being crushed helped me realize that I need to choose another path and sooner than later. I started taking photography in high school and fell in love with it. Sadly, UMBC, the college I attend, does not offer a degree in photography so i decided to go with something similar which is media and communication studies. By one path failing there was a new opening for another in my life and I could not be happier with the decision I have made. To continue on this path I need to continue how I am doing in school and possibly even do more like getting another internship either my junior or senior year to keep my skills in tact that I learned over my last internship or taking better advantage of my classes and professors.

Pollak continuously states in her book that knowing your strengths and weaknesses, exploring a passion, and not choosing a “safe” career choice can help you choose a career path you enjoy(Pollak, 59–61). If I were to choose a career path that I dreaded going to everyday then my life would be completely miserable and a waste of time. To focus on my career path I will need to be hungry to be better than others, but I still need to be humble and realize where I came from and who has taught me. Social media and marketing are some of the fastest growing industries and can be hard to keep up with at times. If I stay ahead of the game and continue to push myself beyond what I believe I can do then I will be successful in the path that I choose. While I learn more about what career path I am starting to choose I also find some things out about myself that I could only find while in situations for a job I had to do or a project. For example, when I am given the task of completing an election plan for the Delegate I had absolutely no idea what that was, so I had to do a lot of intensive research and put together a plan for the delegates election. While doing the research I remembered key databases I learned about in my MCS classes that aided me while putting together this plan. It is intriguing how some things in class I will actually put to use later even if I do not think I will.

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