Working on Being More Professional

As I have documented previously, I started working on how to act during my job which is being a football coach. Over the weekend I watched multiple football games to see how those coaches, who are under more pressure, acted during their games. I watched the different head and position coaches talk to players who are either being paid to play or have a scholarship and tried to picture how I would act in not only their shoes but also how they would treat high school athletes. What I ended up doing was texting my old position coach at Baldwin Wallace and asked him a couple questions about what his philosophies were and how he developed how he treated all of us. He said that he would watch a bunch of other football and see how the coaches acted in different situations. What he realized was that the best head coaches were the ones who showed little enthusiasm when something good happened but when something bad happened was visibly upset and would say something to the players and position coaches. What he inferred was similar to what I have seen that showing little emotion to the good things and showing unhappiness with an upset response, the mistakes weren’t repeated. When the coach fluctuated in emotion than the team had high peaks and low valleys which isn’t good at all. The key to any good coach is to be consistent and the same is for any job. After researching and watching coaches, the results I came up with was that in fact the less range of emotions a coach showed, the more consistent the teams played. I believe that I have improved since my knowledge has increased of how I need to act. I am going to practice these skills during the practices the rest of the week and during the game as I will stay consistent and talk in a clear and concise way so that the players get a sense that I am calm so they should be.

This link is to a video that I watched on how to become a better coach.

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