A Piece of Content by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet…Or Would It?

Have you ever paused and thought about all the different ways we receive information? Yes, some of it is from other people but where did they get that information? Sometimes if you trace a piece of information long enough you may find that the first person, who started the chain of information, got it from something they read, saw, or heard in the media. Content is everywhere!!! It is only when we start to think about where we get our information that we are aware that it exists. It is only then that we realize that each time a piece of information is sent to a new platform; it is altered just a bit to reach that certain audience. For example, you would never see an Instagram post at the unveiling of a research study on a new medical breakthrough on an esteemed medical research website or in a medical journal. The simple reason for this is that it is trying to reach medical, science, and research driven audiences. Tweets are for those who are scrolling through their feed when their board or are looking for a little bit of information. A post on social media could never convey the amount of information needed to be given in an article in a newspaper, either.

Content is everywhere! The only criteria for information to become content is that it is able to be changed inorder to fit different platforms. An example of this would be the Ice Bucket challenge, in 2014. It went from a challenge on a research website to thousands of videos on YouTube and other social media forms. It was even morphed to fit newspapers. Not only is content a useful way to get information in many different ways, it is also a wonderful way to raise money for worthy causes. Content, found in different forms, is a form of the same thing, just altered to find and the right audiences