Brand New defines the word brand, in its simplest sense, as the perceptions associated with your brand name. “Your brand name exists objectively; people can see it. It’s fixed. But your brand exists only in someone’s mind.”

Brad Flowers of Bullhorn Creative defines brand as “what people say about you when you are not in the room.” In today’s competitive business world, brand is everything. It defines you. It is what sets you apart from the competition. Bullhorn Creative works with a variety of businesses and organizations to identify and develop their brands. Many would refer to this process as “rebranding,” but Bullhorn Creative doesn’t like to use that term. Bullhorn Creative believes that they are helping their clients uncover what they stand for. Brad talked about how they accomplish this through conversation and research. He said that Bullhorn Creative strives to find what makes each business and organization unique. Once they find this, they use carefully crafted language, and thoughtfully designed multimedia to help the business or organization effectively communicate their “brand.”

Bullhorn Creative’s portfolio of work is impressive, and for someone like me who is drawn toward marketing and advertising, I found what they do to be inspiring. But, the most inspiring thing that I took away from Brad’s presentation was his personal story. Like many, Brad was unsure what he wanted to do with his career. He talked about how his first job out of college was managing a bicycle shop. He shortly thereafter quit that job and started Bullhorn Creative in the midst of the economic crisis of 2008. Brad talked about how he has learned along the way and had to teach himself most everything he now knows about running a business. He wasn’t really sure what he was doing, or what Bullhorn Creative would turn into, but he followed his heart and focused on creating a unique company. I only hope that someday I too can find something that I am as passionate about and turn that into a successful career like Brad did.

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