ePortfolios; My Master Plan in Making a Website All About Myself.

After our discussion in class about the dos and don’ts of creating a resume, a few details stuck out to me; the most prominent being the short length needed to keep it to the point. While I can understand the logic in this, it forced me to start making some difficult decisions about what to keep in, what to take out, and what qualities about myself potential employers are looking for. So, I got the idea to make an ePortfolio for myself to further delve into my characteristics as a potential employee (it also helps that it will count as my final for my Digital Rhetoric class, so it becomes a sort of “two birds, one stone” situation).

I already know how to create and operate a wordpress website since I created a blog for two previous classes using the program. I’ll make a new site, make it look nice and professional, and maybe even reuse some of the assets from the old site like my cover letter and about page. Ultimately, I want to show off the characteristics of myself that I feel employers will be looking for; these being editing and software skills, writing and speaking skills, and sales and entrepreneurial skills. I aim to show these off through deeper example than just what I would be able to say in a one page document; listing off all my experiences and past projects that prove my worth as an employee.

The best part is that I can change the ePortfolio around to whatever I need it to be, in case I need to have it more personally catered to one career I may be perusing in the future. So, ultimately, this will be a very handy tool to have later on down the road. I can go into greater detail about myself, and show my potential employers my skills instead of just telling them about them. I’m actually planning on using many of the things we’ve learned in class in order to decide what will go into the website. Hopefully, I can create an ePortfolio that will show employers how valuable I can be.

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