RE: Bullhorn Creative and Writing Locally

I found Brad Flowers’ presentation to be the most engaging of our guest speakers’ so far. He was to-the-point and his visuals were welcome.

Perhaps his most interesting point was regarding Bullhorn’s identity as a business based in Central Kentucky. He was absolutely right when he said that most people do not associate Kentucky with high design, and yet Bullhorn has been able to grow into quite a successful organization. They are not bound to their Kentucky perspective, but that perspective relates to what I understood as some of their largest clients. I think this a fantastic outlook for writers who choose to, or who just choose, to be in Kentucky.

English majors, or majors that involve writing, are first commonly expected to be teachers, but if they do not want to be teachers they are then expected to seek typical publishing and writing careers. When people think of cities for publishing or creating content, Lexington is not on their list. People would consider Chicago, New York, or even places as large and far as Oxford before they would even think of Kentucky.

Is there anything wrong with Chicago or New York for writing? Absolutely not. In fact, there are plenty of opportunities in those cities, and my argument is not that Lexington is a better place for writing. My argument is that there is still a place for writing in Lexington, and I think Brad Flowers’ presentation demonstrates that. Successful marketing and branding companies exist outside of large cities, and so opportunities to write — as a career, for actual money — exist outside of the iconic publishing cities.

Perhaps for financial or personal reasons you find yourself ‘stuck’ in Lexington. Or perhaps you just love the city. Regardless, for writers, I don’t think Lexington is an unwise choice. There are local opportunities — for experience, for ‘stepping stone’ jobs, or for permanent career choices.

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