RE: Politics and Writing

I believe Amanda Stamper’s talk last Thursday was one of the more charged speakers who have visited our class. “Charged” meaning full of energy, but also containing topics beyond writing.

He talk was beneficial on a press level. She gave a lot of useful insider information about navigating around the press for a political figure. However, just for the sake of the class, I feel it might have been more beneficial for her to spend more time on the writing process for press releases and the process for crafting political writing.

For example, what strategies does a writer need to use to make sure a press release is fully understood? How does a writer practice writing within a certain narrative like conservative or liberal?

I wasn’t sure if these questions were appropriate for class. They could lead to an unnecessary debate. Still, I was more interested in the writing process than in media control.

I appreciated Stamper’s comments about work ethic, though. She seemed to have a lot of advice to offer about gaining work experience. That was a tactful point considering the emphasis we place on internships, work, and experience in general before entering the work force. I personally found her story inspiring, but I realize that may not have been the general reaction.

On the whole, Stamper’s visit was engaging and I thought her talk was useful. As someone who is more interested in the writing process and less interested in the media, though, her words on actual writing left something to be desired.

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