WRD 306

I originally was not going to take this class. Honestly, I didn’t want too. I was originally in an English course that was cancelled. Ultimately I had to find a course that would give me English credit and fit into my schedule at the last minute.

On the first day of class, when we looked over the syllabus I was even less excited for this class. I was not looking forward to all the writing in the class.

In the end, the writing we did for this class was manageable. As I continued through the semester, I actually started to enjoy the class. I really enjoyed all the speakers we had. Although I was not interested in all of their professions, it opened my eyes to how diverse being a “writer” can be.

I was able to see all the other options that I had never thought of to use my writing talent. After Anne Dotson and Cameron Ludwick came and spoke to us from UPK, I was really interested in doing an internship with them. I also found Amanda Stampers’ job to be interesting and intriguing.

Lastly, I thought the projects seemed intimidating, but have found them to be the opposite. For the job/internship analysis, I actually found an internship that I would probably really enjoy (besides at UPK). I also liked the freedom of the final project to explore the area of writing that I was interested in.

Overall, I’m kind of glad that my English course was cancelled and this was the only class that fit into my schedule. Ultimately I really enjoyed it and would do this over again if I was given the opportunity.

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