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In this article, I’m going to introduce some tips and shortcuts to help you learn on Progate more efficiently. If you don’t know about Progate yet, take a look at my other article introducing Progate first.

*Progate is the best platform for absolute beginners to learn coding. You can learn a variety of languages such as Python, JS, HTML etc. using intuitive slides and a full coding environment.

Keyboard shortcuts are a great way to do things faster when working with computers. A common example of a shortcut is CTRL+C and CTRL+V to copy & paste text (⌘+C and ⌘+V on macOS). Using these shortcuts is much, much faster than using the mouse or trackpad to click, copy, and paste. As a coder, these kinds of shortcuts can save many hours during a typical work week (If you have used Progate before, you may have noticed there are some shortcuts that allow you to do some things more quickly than moving the mouse around). Fun and useful shortcuts to get more done in less time.

Many of these shortcuts also work in other applications, especially text editors like Atom, Sublime, and VSCode. So learning these shortcuts can make you a super efficient coding wizard on Progate and beyond!

Shortcut Sorcery

Now it’s time to start exploring the shortcuts that will take your coding skills on to the next level, on Progate and beyond!

Note: For macOS, I’ll write Cmd for the “command” button (⌘). If you are using Windows, just replace this with the “control button” (Ctrl).

  • Show/Hide slides: Alt + S
    After first opening a lesson, you’ll see the slides. After you’ve seen all the slides, you start the exercise, but did you know you can jump back and forth between the slides and the exercise?
Use Alt + S to show/hide the slides!

  • Search file-tree: Cmd/Ctrl + P
    When you are working on a Progate exercise with many different files, like Rails5 Study I, you use Cmd/Ctrl+P to search for a file by name.
    (Note: For Windows users, you may need to press the escape key once before using this shortcut)

  • Exit the currently selected file: Alt + W

  • Toggle comment: Cmd/Ctrl + /
Quickly comment out line(s) of code

  • Undo: Cmd/Ctrl + Z
    This one is common among many popular apps and websites. You can use Cmd/Ctrl+Z in the Progate Editor too!

  • “Outdent” (reverse indent): Shift + tab
    I use this one a lot to correct the indentation when I take some code out of an if statement or loop that I realized I didn’t need, for instance.

  • Find in file: Cmd/Ctrl + F
    This one is also common in many websites and software (even your browser!). This will allow you to search for a specific word in the file you have open in the exercise editor.
Quickly search through a file with Cmd/Ctrl+F
Check out these options too!

  • Jump to start of line: Control/Ctrl + A (Control key on macOS)
  • Jump to end of line: Control/Ctrl + E
    (These work in your terminal too!)

  • Move line(s) up or down: Alt + Up/Down

  • Copy line(s) up or down: Alt + Up/Down

  • Fold: Cmd + Alt + L (Windows: Alt + L)
  • Unfold: Cmd + Alt + Shift + L (Windows: Alt + Shift + L)
    (These can be used to do and undo each other)
Useful for long files!

  • Multi-cursor: Cmd/Ctrl + click
    This is an interesting one. It can be really useful in certain situations. With a little imagination, it can be a really powerful addition to your skills. This feature is also included in common text editors like Atom, VSCode, and Sublime!
  • Remove multi-cursors: Escape
    If you need to get rid of the extra cursors, just hit the esc key!
Just hold Cmd/CTRL and click!
Another example

  • Lastly, to add a multi-cursor above/below the current line:
    Ctrl + Alt + Up/Down
    Instead of clicking to add another cursor, you can use this shortcut if you want to edit multiple consecutive lines at the same time.

In general, it’s faster to avoid using the mouse whenever you can, but it depends on your style. Some people may work more quickly using the mouse or trackpad.

By the way, did you know about any of these shortcuts before reading this article?

Tell me about some of your favorite shortcuts!


Progate is an online platform for beginners to learn programming. Progate offers a fully equipped coding environment to learn HTML, CSS, jQuery, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Java, Python, and much more. Start learning today:

Thanks to Reina Masumoto, Chandler Azling, Koki Nakamichi, and Akihiko Nambu

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Progate is an online platform for beginners to learn programming. Progate offers a fully equipped coding environment to learn HTML, CSS, jQuery, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Java, Python, and much more. Start learning today:

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