Tuesday — February 28, 2017

Hey all! I’ll just go ahead and provide a quick update for everyone and I’ll pass it over to Joe Breslin to introduce his awesome article about how to build up an idea here in ProgCode. First let me talk about these amazing communities:

I’m still here in #chicago and joining the amazing conference organized by www.JoinTheChorus.org . I’m posting blow-by-blow updates at #join-the-chorus- channel if you want to know the things talked about by political strategists and digital tech organizers from past campaigns.

Also, tonight, I’ll be in ChiHackNight to meet up with Tanya Schlusser , Ben Galewski , Preston Long-Lamoureux, Stephen Scapelliti, and other ProgCoders in the Second City! If you’re around, come by and say hello!

Deepak Puri and our friends from DemocracyLabs will have a workshop and hackathon in San Francisco, #california on *March 11, 2017* ! Checkout the channel #SFHackathon to learn more about and discuss the event. In this event, campaign managers will share their software needs to run better campaigns and communicate more effectively with voters.

There will be focus Data & Polling, Tools for Organizing, Cybersecurity, Legal Action & Defense, Training, and Storytelling Skills! For more info, PM @deepaksf or go to #SFHackathon

Finally, another community is forming in #newyork ! Checkout our community hack night happening tomorrow at 6pm in ThoughtWorks!

RSVP in this link!

Over to you Joe Breslin!


Prog Code is a pretty amazing, beautiful and sometimes wild place. It’s also a place full of a ton of incredible ideas and teams working to make them a reality. In order to help simplify the journey from idea to action I put together a quick blog post, highlighting the key steps to realizing success within this network. I’d encourage everyone to give it a look and also feel free to reach out directly or over in #ask-the-team if we can help make your idea a reality. Thanks!

“Everything starts with an idea” https://medium.com/progressive-coders-network/everything-starts-with-an-idea-3d5aec413acb

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