Friday — February 24, 2017

Hey @everyone! Happy Friday! Very quick updates before the awesome Friday #thanks / gratitude post:

  • Tomorrow, @l_arely & @sriya will be leading #hack-the-ban at 2 Metrotech Center Brooklyn NY! If you’re going to that awesome event please checkout #hack-the-ban and coordinate.
  • @ahayes will be presenting an awesome discussion on Ideation at 4p PT / 7pm ET. Please join #product_management to discuss!

To end this week on Ideation, I wanted to share how this idea of a Progressive Coders Network came about around the same time a year ago. Through my experiences in Coders for Sanders, it made me wonder: if there’s a network of support for progressive technologies, maybe we will be able to remove the influence of big money in politics and empower the grassroots at the same time!

By July 2016, we pulled the trigger and six months after, here we are now, with an amazing community of app leaders and organizations striving for a more equitable society.

And people are taking notice! Starting next week, we will be speaking and participating in different conferences across the US.

  • Next week, I will be in #chicago for Join The Chorus conference ->
    Let’s all go to *Chi Hack Night* on Tuesday to meet up!
  • From *March 8–11*, ProgCode will be in San Francisco, #california to represent progcode on various hackathons and conferences.
  • And on *April*, we will be speaking in CodeLand in NYC #newyork led by @saron about the awesome community we have.

More information and conference details coming soon! @preston and I are planning on something awesome as well, we’ll keep you posted.

Finally, @duncanw and @rapi are organizing a bi-monthly community hack night event in ThoughtWorks at *99 Madison Ave 15th NY NY* . The first meetup will happen on *March 1, 2017* at 6:30pm ET. Please checkout #newyork to coordinate.

Thank you for being part of this community. The humble folks at progcode #operations are tirelessly and endlessly working towards creating a safe place for ideas to thrive, and your projects to come to life and be successful.

Honored to be working with this amazing community!

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