Monday — March 6, 2017

Projects, Hackathons, and more

Happy Monday everyone! This week, we focus on some of the amazing projects that make this community what it is: a dynamic network of solutions for the grassroots. These amazing projects aim to provide a space for developers and the movement at large to maximize their potential. This is inline with ProgCode’s main goal of removing the influence of money in politics.

CodeCorps help people build simple software that solves hard problems. They match developers and designers, project managers and marketers — any and every talent — to ambitious projects that need their help.

Currently, they have soft launched their fundraising platform for open source projects! Please do check them out and reach out to @joshsmith or @dconnis for more info. They’re in #code-corps helps workers find a union to represent you and your co-workers. It enables them to get the respect and security you deserve on the job.

This amazing effort is being led by @unioncoder over at #unionbase-builder ! Feel free to reach out to @unioncoder and @shushugah

#socialroots enables you to find like-minded people, organize, and quickly spread a message across your digital networks. You can start your own campaign, or hop into an existing team.

This is being led by @turtletheturtle ! Check them out at #socialroots

#national-voter-file provide an easy-to-use, modern-era database with voter files for each of the fifty states. This is the start of a pulling politics into the 21st century, starting from the ground up.

They’re looking for *Data Stewards* who could help out in acquiring voter file data from your respective secretaries of state. Reachout to @bengal and the amazing NVF team over at #national-voter-file

This week! We will be in San Francisco, California for an event with an exclusive group of techies and progressive political organizers on Saturday, March 11th in San Francisco. For more info, check out #sfhackathon .

For testing needs, looking for beta-testers? Or do you like testing new things? Checkout #testing !

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