Universal Health Care tech initiatives ramping up

ProgHacknight and open source technologies!

Hey Everyone! Hope you’re having a great Friday!

CommonPlace just had an amazing kickoff, showing how they are engaging neighborhoods through tech. If you want to help build this important application, check out the CommonPlace channel or watch this video from yesterday’s kickoff.

The universal health care initiative has made its mark in ProgHacknight! We have started a work group for Universal Health Care and are planning exciting actions for it. Watch this space

App Leader Outreach

A huge heads up! We will be reaching out to application leads and will talk more about how ProgCode can be of support! From our Spring / Summer strategy, now that we have made our internal comms are solid, we can now make sure that we are service the community and project leaders better.

Consents are in!

Yesterday was the last day for consenting on a couple of ProgCode actions:

  • Ellen will now have an ProgCode email!
  • Rapi will be speaking at the GET Summit in San Francisco, California next week and talk to about collaborative tech communities! Check it out at GETsummit.org
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