April 4, 2017

Happy Tuesday everyone! First of all, huge huge kudos to the folks at the Weomen’s March channel, especially to Jason who’ve setup the voter registration platform that they are using now to engage with tens of thousands of people to register as part of their 10 actions in 100 days initiative. Check it out: womensmarch.com/vote

Huge kudos to our volunteer friends for building Melenphone: a Grassroots PB analog for France!

Go Local

We always encourage folks to go local to affect national. Check out these local slack channels: #michigan • #canada • #texas • #portland • #washingtondc • #boston • #atlanta-regional • #ky_prog_coalition • #washington (state) • #california • #chicago • #newyork • #eurocoders

Not seeing you’re area? Add one!

Events Today (Apr 4)

Grassroots Router Kickoff with Martin: April 4 • 6pm EST

Join Martin as Grassroots Router kicks off! The Grassroots Router is a two level network calling tool and campaign template intended to amplify signal and reduce noise and to channel national energy to strategic targets. RSVP here.

ProgCode Onboarding: April 4 • 8:15p EST

Learn all the things you need to participate and contribute to this amazing community! Meet ProgCoders, and learn more about the culture that sustains the network. https://zoom.us/j/935746235

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