Program Practical’s new home!

Nic Ollis
Nic Ollis
Feb 7, 2017 · 1 min read

Hey guys! Thanks for following me on Medium.

I wanted to catch up with you guys and anyone who follows my blog on With my current contract coming to an end. I decided hosting my own server and wordpress account was just taking up too much time and fighting for views is not worth what I was getting via Medium.

As of now is a dead page, until I get the last bit of info I need from Medium to have it properly going to their site(bad planning on my part). However, Program Practical is now a publication on Medium!

Anything I post will be published on there, but I’ll also be looking for other medium programmers to publish to it, so please feel free to follow as I’ll be trying to bring in more than just my voice. As well feel free to submit stuff yourself!

Again thanks guys for the support and I’ll see you guys in youtube and medium again here soon.

Program Practical

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