A Brazilian can’t buy a 70-dollar computer

And the government doesn’t care

Raspberry PI 400 is a whole computer inside of a keyboard. Looks like a simple gadget you can plug in a screen (like a TV) and do computer things.

Raspberry PI 400 is extremely cheap too, only 70 dollars. Can you imagine how powerful it is? I’m talking about a gadget that can be bought by people and governments in developing countries. A gadget that can equip schools around the world. It’s a great opportunity to introduce children and youngsters to technology and programming, carriers that will rule the job market in the future.

The Brazilian issue

I don’t know about your country, but it’s scary how a 70-dollar gadget turns into a minimum wage luxury item when it comes to Brazil, where an iPhone can cost seven local minimal wages!

And a minimum wage is minimum, in fact: monthly money to survive, only. But here in Brazil, if we earn R$1,212 for a whole month of work (something like USD 236, today), you are in the middle of the local salary pyramid, as BBC Brazil shows here. And a half part of this money will be consumed by food supplies, as DIEESE (a famous Brazilian statistics institute) shows here. So, how can a Brazilian buy a 70-dollar (or R$ 1,000) computer? (It sounds nonsense? Because it is, I know.).

Thus, the only solution would be if the government takes action: reduce taxes, supply schools in the poorest cities, for example. If there’s a worthy expense for a state, it’s education, right?

But we don’t hear anything about it. When the subject is education, the silence deafens. Actually, when the subject is education, it’s important to make confusion about education and religion and says that it’s a “conservative bill”.

Some people like to call themselves liberal, others like to call themselves conservative. But when the subject is to equip schools and give youngsters preparation for a career that has 400-thousand workers lack in Brazil, Brazilian left and right wings are in the same place. Can you imagine a bird trying to fly when its wings are glued? Neither I.



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