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Reading Between the Lines

Adam Hughes
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2 min readAug 29, 2023


OpenAI Announcement from 8/28/23 (

The Facts

  • OpenAI released ChatGPT Enterprise on 8/28/23 — available now.
  • It includes standard enterprise features like single-sign on, private workspaces, SOC2 compliance, and private workspaces.
  • Promises better speed & availability, longer input tokens (32k), and API credits beyond just GPT.
  • Pricing is “contact sales” for full enterprise access. They also have a $20/user/month plus plan, but this doesn’t include security guarantees.
  • Beta plugins like Code Interpreter have been repackaged into something sellable called “Advanced Data Analysis”

Between The Lines

  • Even though they mention “need to deploy on premise”, this is a SaaS product and doesn’t allow for that.
  • Bad news for any startups whose business model is being a SaaS wrapper to OpenAI.
  • “Enterprise data is not used for training” implies that OpenAI has and will continue to use your data for model training otherwise for all but enterprise users — this includes paid users! OpenAI’s security policy has always been vague and this confirms suspicions.
  • If you’re an Azure user, you’re still safer using Azure’s OpenAI API; it’s completely Azure hosted (no internet) and is FedRAMP High compliant. However, there’s still a waitlist, which is kind of ridiculous considering.
  • I would still be cautious to hand my company's data to OpenAI. They retain your phone number even after you delete an account, which is illegal in the EU, and their customer support won’t even get back to you. Given this, how will they handle a massive data breach?
  • This is their big answer to losing hundreds of millions of dollars, and they’ve probably rushed it. Kudos — they certainly aren’t afraid to just go for it.




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