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Creating a Firebase Project

Creating a Firebase Project

If you ever heard a serverless project. Well there are many projects that the developer has only created only client-side but backend or data is provided from another third party site, that is called serverless project. If you thought about creating a serverless project, Firebase is a handy option for you.

First of all, go to the firebase site, then click ‘get started’.

‘Add project’ to continue your project. Now put a unique name without space to continue your journey, here we will take ‘name’.

Here you will find default ‘google analytics’ enable, we disable it because here we concentrating on firebase authentification. But as a developer, you should learn it. We proceed with some firebase checkbox confirmation, after a while firebase is ready to add in your project.

Get started

You can add firebase to your ios and android app by using the first two options. Here we are going to use the 3rd option web. But keeps in mind that you can use the 4th option for game building.

Clicking to web option they will ask to register app. We will tick the checkbox confirming to use the firebase hosting option to use it further and we will keep the app name ‘name’ same as what we use to create a name earlier to open firebase.

After registering the app you will see Add ‘Firebase SDK’ option. Here they will ask you to copy this javascript code to paste it at the bottom of your body tag.

Now we will see the ‘Install Firebase CLI’ option. To host your site with Firebase Hosting, you need the Firebase CLI (a command-line tool).

Run the following npm command to install the CLI or update it to the latest CLI version.

‘npm install -g firebase-tools’

Installing firebase tools we will look forward to the ‘Deploy to Firebase Hosting’ option. Here you will get the idea of deploying your site to firebase hosting.

You can deploy now or later(documentation for further information). To deploy now, open a terminal window, then navigate to or create a root directory for your web app.

Sign in to Google by using the ‘firebase login’ command.

Initiate your project in terminal window ‘firebase init’ is your command.

Putting our static file in deploy directory we will command to deploy our code ‘firebase deploy’ command.

After deploying, we can see our app at ‘’

You can check hosting docs for more information.

Clicking to console button you are ready to launch.



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