iCloud Drive usually starts syncing immediately after you insert a file in it, the issue starts whenever you’re working (photo/video editing, programming..) on a file or folder and iCloud keeps uploading the file on and on. Or if intend to compress a folder and it has undownloaded media.

Well, the simple solve for that is to add .nosync extension to any file or folder you wish to pause syncing.

However, managing files that has that specific extension is pretty hard, and you can easily forget about it. …

While working on some project, I went through a difficult time trying to create a socket connection with my Java server side built on Ubuntu server.
So here it is, how to connect to a Socket with Swift 5, and how to read Strings and Ints.

First, we need to create a Socket class:

Create a class (I called it SocketServer), this class is going to connect to the desired socket using host & port.
Later on, we’re going to declare a protocol (SocketDelegate) that this class calls its methods when InputStream has available response.

You can visit the Github gist for better view of the code.


Photo by Florian Krumm on Unsplash

Got a Jar file but struggling to execute it? Learn how to run a Jar file in Ubuntu and other Linux distributions.


Make sure your development Java version isn’t higher than the one you’re installing.

$ sudo apt-get update$ sudo apt-get upgrade$ sudo apt-get install default-jre

Install MySQL:

Make sure your development MySQL version isn’t higher than the one you’re installing.

$ sudo apt-get install mysql-server$ sudo mysql_secure_installation

The second line is for configuring your MySQL server, you’ll need to choose a password.

Migrate MySQL database between instances (from local instance to virtual “remote” instance)

If you have an existing MySQL database and need to migrate in addition to your Jar…

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There are plenty of reasons why we’d create a virtual instance for publishing a site, the first and most compelling, is that your site could be online the whole time, even if anything happened to your equipment, the second good reason is that you could publish your webpages to a domain you own.

Step 7 describes how to link your domain to your virtual instance server.

Things you’ll need to get this done:

  1. IntelliJ Ultimate. (JetBrains gives a free trial for 1 month)
  2. Apache Tomcat 8. (If you’re using this for server needs. You could use any later version)
  3. Google Cloud Platform account. …

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