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What is Programming Hero?

An app that helps you learn programming in a fun and interactive way

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“Even your grandma can learn to code with Programming Hero!”

Programming Hero is a mobile-based app that helps you to learn Programming in a fun and interactive way.

We started our journey back in 2018 in order to spread learning programming for free among everyone and also to break the barrier of learning using mobile.

Programming Hero is the selected learning app for #1 programming promoting organization They’re included in the Hour of Code. In November 2019, we won the best Tech Code Startup Competition in Silicon Valley, California, USA.

Many beginners can’t start programming because of the lacking of their device. Though there were many apps that were helpful, there was lacking personalization. We arrived with a solution. Programing hero is made in a way that everyone who is a newbie in programming can understand. The whole content is made in the easiest possible way. All you need to just play any game. There are several games in the app, by playing which you can learn programming and you will forget that it’s teaching you something. Programming Hero believes in easy way of learning. The main focus is to reach programming to everyone and eliminate the fear of programming. That stands out Programming Hero from any of the other learning apps.

The specialty of the app is, it contains games. In the app, Programming is being taught by playing games. So, it’s easy for beginners and kids to start Programming. The contents are made in a special way to make everyone comfortable.

Here, coding is free and taught in an interactive way. It also has a coding game playground where you can be trained. They provide a mentor if you need any. There are 100+ coding problems, solutions & explanations in that app. You can learn Data Structures (Stack, Queue, Linked list, Dictionary, Tree, Graph), Algorithms(Binary search, Bubble sort, Insertion sort, Time complexity), OOP(Object, Class, Inheritance, Encapsulation, Polymorphism), Game Development(Game development basics, pygame, build a game from scratch), Database(SQL, Database, SQLite, Relational database), Web Development(HTML, CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, Bootstrap) and App Development (Java, Kotlin, Android) only using Programming Hero app. Programming is highly recommended for their continuous updates and way of teaching in a user-friendly way.

Are you scared of the complex terms I’ve mentioned above? You don’t need to be. After using the app, these words will become easy-peasy even to a kid. So, start your journey with us and be a Programming Hero.

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