California Democrats to Elect New Chair this Weekend

— — ☆ Kimberly Ellis

— Former Executive Director of Emerge California

Kimberly Ellis for CA Dem Chair 2017

Kimberly Ellis has spent the last eight years trying to get more Democratic women elected to office. And now she’s the latest woman she’s trying to elevate to a top post.

In 2011 and 2015, Kimberly was recognized as a Women’s History Month Honoree by the San Francisco Commission and Department on the Status of Women, in partnership with the Mayor and Board of Supervisors. Kimberly was also honored on International Women’s Day in 2012 by the Global Arts and Education non-profit who gave awards to “leaders and organizations that have dedicated themselves to creating equal rights, equal opportunities and progress for women.”

Kimberly was named one of’s 100 Most Overlooked People in California Politics in 2014 for her work electing Democratic women in California.’s John Hirabe lauded Ellis as “where the rubber meets the road in electing Democratic women” in California.

In 2012, Kimberly was awarded the Annie M. Powell Community Leadership Award by the Global Arts and Education and Women’s Intercultural Network in celebration of International Women’s Day for her work with Emerge California.

Currently, she serves on the Finance Committee and as the Recording Secretary for the African American Caucus of the California Democratic Party.

— — Eric C. Bauman

— Current Chair of the Los Angeles Democratic Party

Records show that Eric Bauman wears many hats these days, and that he has critics in his own party questioning his role in the $68 million campaign to defeat the California Drug Price Relief Act initiative.

The measure, backed chiefly by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, would cap the price that any state agency or care program could spend on prescription drugs at what the federal Department of Veterans Affairs pays.

How Eric Bauman Bullied Me and Why he Must Not Be Chair of CADEM Party

Records on file with the secretary of state’s office show that VictoryLand Partners, a consulting firm registered to Bauman’s home address in North Hollywood, has been paid $12,500 a month since early February to consult with the pharmaceutical industry and its allies that are fighting the measure.

Last year, Bauman reported receiving more than $100,000 from VictoryLand Partners, some of it paid by health care interests. VictoryLand was active in the industry’s successful campaign against Proposition 46, the November 2014 ballot measure that would have lifted the cap on damages in medical malpractice lawsuits.

The paid political work comes while Bauman pulls down $145,000 a year as a full-time senior adviser to Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, D-Los Angeles. sources [1] [2]

— — Lenore Albert

— Attorney, 2016 CDP endorsed candidate for Assembly District 72

Lenore seems like a great person that really cares about progressive values. I just can’t quite get over some allegations involving her law practice. Nothing is settled, so I’m not rushing to judgement. I think what sticks out most is that she didn’t turn in the required paperwork that was required by the court.

*Pending Accusations: Initiating Document [PDF] Decision [PDF] Amended Response [PDF] — Initiating Document [PDF] — Response [PDF]