Earth’s Moon

Though the earth has only one moon, we made many, many of them during the fall 2014 semester! I worked with the second grade class at Orchard STEM School to create lunar cycle accordion books, as I did with Hannah Gibbons also, that I shared here. After we’d pulled a small edition of moon prints, we went to work creating the circular accordion interior pages for the books.


Once the students had tabbed together a long stretch of paper, they folded it back-and-forth again and again to create an accordion structure. Next they traced their moons, trimmed the pages into circles, and then got to work printing the lunar cycle using stencil relief.


I was amazed at how cautious the students were at this phase–their handmade book was becoming so precious to them–and they studied each panel before printing in the next phase, all the way from waxing crescent to the new moon. The books were displayed at the Cleveland Metropolitan School District PreK-8 STEM Network Winter STEM Showcase on December 16 at the Great Lakes Science Center just before the winter break.