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Rachel Lynn Brody
Jan 25, 2017 · 4 min read

The Network Update, Issue #05

Contact: @rachel

“When it rains, it pours.” — Mr. Ambassador, Official ProgCode Ambassador Cat

Editor’s Note

Strong ties to our community are critical when it comes to organizing. As we learned over the course of the 2016 campaign season, it is when we stand together that we can accomplish real movement towards change. This core value — a strong community — is baked into ProgCode on a very basic level. Every day, we talk to each other on Slack, determine the direction of our projects and organization,, and are open to (and actively pursue) new collaborations with those reaching towards progressive goals. We are constantly interacting and building the community we want ProgCode to be.

In the past month, we’ve worked with the unprecedented Women’s March protest. Our internal projects have grown more intertwined, finding complementary purposes, and we’re making an impression in the media. Our winter strategy centers on piloting and communications. A new wave of projects is nearing launch, and we’re looking forward to sharing them with you. Our featured project, Project Swimmy, is a great example of how activists are being empowered by technology through our communities. Meanwhile, in community highlights, we’ll take at TWO initiatives within ProgCode — our #operations channel, and our newly-refreshed GitHub process.

This Week @ ProgCode aims to feature the work of its members. Help us connect your work with the network. Get on Slack and send @rachel a link to your blog post or article for potential usage as a supporting link. By sending the link, you agree that This Week @ ProgCode may (but is not obligated to) publish that link, with attribution.

New, Amazing, & Happening Now:

Channel Highlights
Read our Master Channel list for additional new channels; submit your new channel for inclusion. You can browse the master list by most recently created projects, channels that offer discussion spaces for the ProgCode community, Operations channels where the workings of ProgCode are organized, Tech channels, and channels for local action and organization.

  • #atlanta-regional by @danodemo — For ATLiens and our neighbors in the metro area and Chattanooga!
  • #disrupt-your-rep by @danodemo — For discussion of a new widget that allows you access to all your elected officials’ public events, and adds those events to your calendar (earl planning)
  • #run-dnc by @kamilla — A platform to gather a popular vote and outreach for the DNC chair election.

This Week’s Events
See the official ProgCode calendar HERE. Remember, this is where to look for information on weekly calls, hackathons, appearances by ProgCode members and more.

Featured Project

Project Swimmy is a website and app that connects individual activists with local organizing groups. Activists can easily find groups near them by causes such as racial injustice, women’s rights, and income inequality. Instantly activists and group members can meet virtually and are provided the tools to organize for collective actions such as: calling elected representatives, reaching out to their community by going door to door to discuss issues, and registering new voters. Our ultimate goal for Project Swimmy is to provide the tools and trainings to successfully organize a local campaign to elect progressive representatives up and down the ballot.

Learn more about Project Swimmy in A Fish’s Case for Sustainable Grassroots Organizing by @erika.

Community Highlights

We’ve entered 2017 in high gear on the operational side of Prog Code, focusing on making it as easy and straightforward as possible for people to contribute to Prog Code’s core mission supporting application creators and the Prog Code community. For anyone interested in contributing directly to Prog Code’s future direction, please come stop by and say hello in the #operations channel, no dev experience required.

In support of a more streamlined operational approach the Prog Code staff has taken a cue from the developer community, piloting GitHub projects as a tool to track all ongoing priority work and key functional information. Consistent with the winter strategy we are seeking opportunities for anyone to contribute to Prog Code, focusing on paired piloting and collaborative execution. For more information on how to get started, check out this quick overview by @joepbreslin.

Get Involved

  • Interested in helping design a website for a political activism group launching at the end of January? Contact @nickbrana for more details.
  • ProgCode is still looking for MEAN or React devs to help us build the website. We’re looking for people with the skills to build from scratch if need be (although they will not be required to do that). Rails is fine too. Contact @danodemo for more details.


“People fail to get along because they fear each other; they fear each other because they don’t know each other; they don’t know each other because they have not communicated with each other.” — Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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